Why the Cheapest VoIP Business Phone Service is Not Always the Best Choice?

VoIP is one of the most popular ways to communicate because it provides businesses with everything a landline does without the inconvenience. Since it’s paired with your Internet connection you don’t even need to be in the office to answer a call from the same number.

That’s why there’s going to be an estimated 3 billion mobile VoIP users by 2021. But providers do differ.

Opting for the cheapest VoIP business phone service isn’t necessarily the best option.


The Key is Reliability

What makes VoIP so effective is its reliability. A lack of reliability means missed calls, missed voice messages, and poor call quality. These are the most common complaints customers have about providers.

The cheapest VoIP business phone service is only going to make your business look bad. When 60% of customers prefer to call a business, you can’t afford to look bad in front of them.

If the call keeps going in and out, you’re going to lose that customer.

When you pay a little more, you get a lot more reliability and better call quality.


Are You Getting the Features You Wanted?

VoIP is such a popular choice among businesses because it has the power to give you an incredible array of features, including call forwarding, call waiting, and auto-attendants.

You can build the communications system you want. However, you’re not going to have the same level of customization with the cheapest VoIP business phone service.

A high-quality provider allows you to pay for the features you’ll use, rather than some cookie cutter package they force you into.

Where is the Customer Support?

Like with any technology, things can and do go wrong. You want to know that when something does happen, you’re fully supported. The worst thing that can happen is you experience a problem and your provider doesn’t even offer 24-hour support.

Worse still, you may have an issue and not be able to get it resolved at all. You need someone you can speak to who knows what they’re doing, rather than some clueless customer service rep.

Don’t discount what expert support can give you when you’re experiencing problems.


Is Your Team Getting the Right Training?

Implementing a brand-new phone service into your business for the first time is exciting. At some point, though, your team needs to know how to use the system.

Whether it’s the custom handset or the central control panel, there will be a lot of things you and your team won’t understand.

How effective is a provider at giving you that much needed training?


Conclusion: Shop Around for the Best Deal

The point is you shouldn’t choose a provider just because it’s the cheapest on the market. The chances are that VoIP provider is cutting corners so they can offer such amazing prices.

Look at the quality of the VoIP service available and only then should you think about prices.

What do you look for most in a VoIP system?