Cebod Technology Introduces Cloud based Business Phone System

Business owners looking for a business phone system have to be certain that the  company they will choose has a reputation for top notch quality and unparalleled reliability. These two qualities are extremely important, seeing that a high performance telephony system serves as the framework of communications within and outside of the organization. Unfortunately, since most small business owners only have limited resources, many of them can only afford the cheapest, which often does not provide them with the features and capabilities they really need. This is where Cebod Telecom comes into play.

Organizations that are in search of a quality small business phone system will be happy to know that Cebod Telecom now offers a service that can truly be worth their time and money. This phone service already includes the key features that the more expensive Office PBX is renowned for. Through this Cloud based office phone system, small business owners now have access to these useful and advantageous PBX features and capabilities without having to worry about considerable expenditures.

By switching to Cebod Telecom’s business phone service, small business owners can expect the following:

With the newer cloud based virtual phone system platforms offered by, no installation fees, cheaper call charges, and value-added monthly subscriptions result in an overall reduced telephone expenditure for businesses. In fact, enlisting Cebod’s services can lead to as much as a 60% reduction in the phone-related expenses of an organization.

For instance, a business that tends to generate a huge volume of local and international calls will benefit from the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, a service offered by Cebod Telecom. Since the calls are made over the Internet, additional fees are eliminated. In addition, a VoIP system is also equipped with plenty of other PBX-like features, all of which come with the package, at no extra cost to the organization.

With a Cloud based office PBX platform, organizations are able to streamline their communications procedures, which is a result of the telephony system’s geographical flexibility. Employees can work virtually and remotely, allowing them to be kept abreast of what is going on in the main office. Hosted PBX systems also enable enterprises to gain access to local virtual numbers in areas that they do not have a physical presence in, a benefit that leads to even more cost-saving opportunities.

Cebod Telecom’s cloud based office system can also help businesses improve the level of customer service they provide. The customers of an organization are better taken care of, since disconnected and dropped calls are reduced. The time that a caller is on the phone can also be cut short through the direct transfer feature of a cloud based office PBX platform. The local virtual and/or toll free numbers also make it cheaper for consumers who live in areas outside the enterprise’s main location or headquarters.

About Cebod Telecom

Cebod Telecom’s parent company, Cebod Technology, has been in the wholesale SIP Trunking and VoIP industry since the year 2006. Since the company’s establishment, its products and services have been offered to consumers through its website From its meager origins,
Cebod Telecom has been able to establish a reputation as a highly dependable phone service provider catering to the needs of small to midsize enterprises.