CebodTelecom unveils how Cloud Based Phone System can help businesses communicate better.

Cloud Communication is the new trend in “How businesses communicate”. Traditional inhouse phone systems have been so hard and challenging for businesses to maintain. Cloud Communications has opened avenues for businesses to change the way they communicate. Cebod Telecom released their cloud phone system for businesses. Its easy to use and is yet very powerful with amazing features.

So How does Cloud Phone System Help businesses communicate better?

Remove Hardware Cost:

With the Cloud Phone System the biggest benefits to the businesses has been to slash down the cost of purchasing expensive hardware. And that’s not all with the purchase of hardware comes the maintenance and operator cost. Higher electricity bills, and expensive upgrades. By Moving to Cloud Phone System you can say good bye to the purchase, maintenance and running cost of phone system hardware. Yes all you need is internet connection.


Moving to Cloud phone system is your key to flexibility. With the growing business you can add and remove lines on the fly. You can get telephone numbers for any country or city. This is so much easier then all the hustle and wait time involved. Any business can now have global presence. You can also create multiple extensions on your phone lines.

Increased Productivity

Since there is one less thing to worry about businesses can now focus on their key goals to grow. They dont have to deal with any phone issue as all of that is now handled by the Cloud Communication provider. Besides the phone system is loaded with features like auto attendant, fax, conference calling, call queue, call routing and many many more features at reasonable price.


With Cloud telephony you can now acces your phone system from anywhere there is internet. You don’t have to ever miss a call because you are not in office. You can use features like call forwarding, call routing, or you can answer your phone by using soft phone. Your voicemails can be available to you through emails. Not only this you can manage your phone system from anywhere in the world.

Therefore a cloud business phone system is designed to meet current work requirements of businesses. It’s a Unified Communication system that keeps employees connected with clients and fellow employees. Its a complete package that provides you with traditional phone features combined with smart phone features and many more features. Using a cloud phone system is a piece of cake and needs no technical expertise. For businesses that have already made a switch have marked savings upto 80% on their telephone bills. For others opportunity is still out there. Cebod Telecom can help your business achieve the same.