Equipment for VOIP Phone System

What equipment do I need for Hosted VOIP Phone System?

Having discussed hosted VoIP, let us now focus on our second question for the day. Before receiving or making calls using VoIP, a hardware set up is essential. Mentioned below is a list of equipment required for VoIP. Please note that common devices such as modems, sound-cards, and computers have not been mentioned in this list. These are specialized equipment which is not always needed.

Analog Telephone Adapter or ATA: Commonly known as phone adapter, this device functions as the hardware interface between the digital VoIP line and a system of analog PSTN telephone. This equipment is not required for a PC-to-PC VoIP system. However, ATA is a requirement for using a monthly VoIP service for home or office using the existing phones.

Telephone Sets: Phone set is an essential equipment that serves as the interface between the service and the users. It functions both as an output and input device for the system. As per your requirement and choice, you may opt for different types of phones for your VoIP system.

VoIP Router: Router is a device used in the VoIP telephony systems for internet connection. ADSL broadband connection users require an ADSL router. On the other hand, a wireless router is required for a wireless Internet connection.

PC Handsets: These are handsets resembling telephone handsets that connect to a computer through a sound-card or an USB. Along with a soft phone, they allow consumers to use VoIP with more comfort. When plugged into an IP phone, they allow multiple users to enjoy the benefits of the same phone.

PC Headset: This is a commonly used multimedia device that allows VoIP phone users to input their voice via a microphone and hear audio from their computer.

The equipment listed for VOIP phone system is subjected to the company’s need. Most of the small to medium size companies only require PC phones and a strong internet connection to experience the crystal clear voice quality and save big bucks by moving to Voip  systems. Above that having service provider manage and maintain the hosted VOIP phone service takes away the need for hiring a technical expert on your end.

Choose right phones for your company by answering these questions:

Who Will Be Using the Phone?– Every office is different and have unique requirement for the number and types of handsets or conference phone etc are needed.

What Features and Functionality you need?– Once you know who will be using the phone, such as support team, technical team, sales teams, and even your front desk receptionist, you need to consider the features and functionality of the phone you want to purchase.

How many phone lines you need- Many phones come equipped with a standard of about 2-6 lines, while others offer up to 12 lines appearance or more.

How much should be the cost?- Whether your business is big or small, there are hundreds of phones from which you can choose. Granstream, Yealink, Cisco are popular brands.

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