6 Myths About Voice Over IP (VOIP) Facts

There are endless possibilities for communication that can be endeavored through the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP) service. As the technology has risen up tremendously over the last decade, the phones are being improved and optimized to the latest standards with every release.

The mobile experience therefore, keeps getting better and better. With the use of the VoIP system, telephones have been revolutionized with an extremely cost-effective way to communicate easily and quickly. However, there are still many common myths connected with the VoIP experience.

Today, let’s talk about the most common false believes associated with voice over IP. After all, you need to know the truth!


Superior quality business phone system

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Myth 1: Poor sound quality

Although the VoIP technology in the initial years did have its share of issues with sound quality, the service has now significantly improved. In the past few years, the IP phones  has given us the advantage of carrying crystal-clear conversations regardless of the physical distance between the call(s) and their traditional carriers used.






Myth 2: Unreliable service

The basic aspect of IP phone system is driving the signal through your Internet connection. For instance, if you have a robust internet connection along with dynamic bandwidth (ask your local service provider), then VOIP enables best voice call quality and complete coverage anytime and anywhere. Practically, it is the best and most cost-effective phone solution. Completely reliable as your Internet connection, it will always give the maximum in terms of top-notch unified communication.

Myth 3: VoIP gives you minimal savings

Compared to the traditional phone lines and carriers, VoIP has an advantage of providing relatively cheaper phone call services. Switching from traditional to VoIP is a common scenario for many companies enjoying the benefits of this effective communication solution and also – saving a lot. As a cost-effective service, VoIP gives you an ability to save over 50% on phone bills as compared to any local carrier. Coming with premium in-built features at no additional costs, it is clear why VoIP is the new frontier in unified communication.

cloud based office phone siteMyth 4: VoIP is great only for big businesses and tech experts

VOIP solutions offer flexibility and scalability that fits every telephony needs of a company, regardless of its size and type. It offers a call routing system (PBX) that can go from 1-2 calls to handling hundreds of users simultaneously. Both , Large and small business can benefit from features like voicemail, call routing, and free in network-calls among employees working at same and or different office locations. Along with these features, comes complete call management, which entails smooth business communication within the company and on outside with its clients.

Myth 5: Difficult setup and management

This myth has been a misinformation for many people. Being the easiest phone system on the planet to be set up, VoIP can come as an on-site, hosted or managed cloud (virtual) based phone service. Whichever option you choose, phone system over internet can be setup easily with just the help of your service provider.



Myth 6: 911 and emergency services are not available through VoIP

Obviously, if this myth was true, everything regarding the voice over IP technology would have fallen apart. Simply because safety is the main issue, VoIP DOES support and is able to call 911 and the other emergency services. Moreover, these emergency calls are delivered in the same way as from any traditional provider, with your exact call location.


VoIP is the new way of communication today. Using the Internet as an intermediary, it is definitely most reliable, affordable, scalable and effective communication solution than any traditional landline provider.

With extra features at no charge and free calling features like 3-way calling, caller ID, voicemail, call waiting and forwarding, call return and call block, it is clear why VoIP should be your primary choice in terms of unified communication.


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