How Using Dynamic Caller ID Can Help Your Business Reach More Customers?

87% of customers reject or ignore phone calls from unknown numbers, according to ZipWhip’s survey on phone call communication between brands and consumers.

If you are wondering why your potential customers don’t answer your call, or why they never return your call after receiving a voicemail, well, here’s your answer: ZipWhip’s survey found that 96% of respondents consider phone calls to be “disruptive”.

Some obvious reasons that consumers mentioned for not answering a call are:









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The survey evoked eye-rolls from brands that rely primarily on phones to generate leads. In reality, phone calls are becoming less and less necessary for day-to-day communications,

Thanks to social media and lessening the trust of consumers on unknown numbers.


However, brands can’t message their potential customers directly on social media unless the consumers allow it. So, brands still have to use their phone skills to achieve success in generating business.


Here’s the catch:

Crafting phone skills is not limited to sales executives with an empathetic voice. The first step is always reliant on consumers picking up your calls. With 87% of calls rejected, brands are barely reaching a handful of consumers — let alone selling them products.

So, what’s the alternative?


Dynamic Caller ID

As you all know, brands are embracing VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) technology to make and/or receive voice calls over the internet instead of a traditional phone line. It saves money on long-distance calls, requires minimal equipment, takes least adjustments to increase calling capacity, and offers the freedom to call from any data-driven device.

VoIP is well-known for going hand-in-hand with technology. With the increasing usage of various modes of communication, like instant messaging and video calls, VoIP has also introduced features that help businesses communicate with users via their preferred mode of communication. That said you can make a video call using VoIP.

One such feature that VoIP launched to address the growing frustration that brands experience when consumers ignore their calls is Dynamic Caller ID.

Dynamic Caller ID is a brand’s freedom pass to change their number whenever they want. Let’s say you call from a traditional phone system. On Caller ID, your call will always be displayed as the same number to the recipient. On the contrary, Dynamic Caller ID allows you to show one number for Call #1, a different number for Call #2, and so on. In other words, you can call your customers from multiple numbers.

VoIP service providers offer this feature in multiple ways. Some allow users to switch between multiple numbers within their accounts, while others provide users with a list of numbers they can use for calling. Some vendors even let users dial a specific code to change the number they are calling from.


 How Can Brands Use Dynamic Caller ID to Persuade Users to Receive Calls?

 Generally, customers don’t prefer to take a call from an unknown number or toll-free number. They consider it to be just another company trying to get money out of their pocket while wasting their time with unnecessary chatter.


These are the biggest reasons why brands need Dynamic Caller ID. It lets you:


 Switch to a Local Number

 Organizations can use local numbers while making calls to customers instead of relying on toll-free numbers. Call-center executives can contact potential customers using a number attached to a local area code that feels more familiar. The recipient will instinctively want to receive the call just out of familiarity.


Use Familiar Numbers to Gain Trust

 Sometimes, a junior-level executive is unable to resolve an issue. As you may have noticed, some customers specifically request to speak to a manager so that they can resolve complex issues.

At this stage, junior-level executives have to transfer the call to management, and the number changes. Seeing an unfamiliar number raises the customer’s anxiety, as they may be afraid of sharing details with a stranger. Dynamic Caller ID solves this problem by allowing you to keep the same number when transferring calls to another person. This ensures customers that they are talking to the right person, and their trust will increase.

Another benefit of this feature is maintaining the trust of old customers by using a consistent number. If you call your old customers from different numbers, then chances are they will avoid the call most of the time. But they will behave differently when they see a familiar number flashing on the screen. It’s all about a personal touch.


 Increase Sales Opportunities

 A local number is more convincing than a random number or a toll-free number. Customers take local calls more seriously, thereby giving your sales executives a better chance to seal the deal.

Overall, this feature not only validates your call but also increases customers’ response rate, which ultimately leads to an increase in sales opportunities. As a bonus, you will deliver an unbeatable user experience and gain a competitive advantage.

Customers view local numbers positively. It’s a convenient and efficient way to communicate with customers. A local call can be made quickly and securely with DynamicCaller ID features. And while phone calls will always have their place as a way for individuals to feel a personal touch; when it comes to best business practices, localization is becoming the preferred method of communication.


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