Is VOIP Good Choice for Multiple Office Locations?

Do you want a synchronized phone service that covers your entire company?

It’s costly and difficult to manage that with a traditional phone line. One of the main benefits of VoIP is that it can accomplish what the traditional phone system can’t. You can easily keep the same number with VoIP but ensure you have a solid phone service for multiple office locations.


Superior Call Hunting

 One of the key benefits of VoIP is that you can take advantage of call hunting, or line hunting as it’s sometimes known.

In telephony, line hunting is a way to distribute phone calls to several handsets through a single telephone number. Now, you can find this feature with traditional telephone systems, but VoIP uses intelligent algorithms to ensure which line is best suited to receive the call and also offer features like call queue, call transfer.

Furthermore, you’ll find that VoIP is far superior to traditional phone systems when it comes to cost. Traditional phone companies charge much more.


Easy and Affordable Installation

 Have you ever tried to operate multiple phone lines through multiple offices? The costs can quickly escalate and before you know it, you’re paying thousands of dollars every year on telecommunications because you have more than one location.

But VoIP is different. Since VoIP doesn’t utilize traditional phone lines but the Internet, the installation costs are much cheaper. Plus you don’t need to have separate phone system for each office.

One of the things you need to consider before installing VoIP is whether you want a better system or whether you want to stick with what you know.

The decision shouldn’t be difficult.


Have More Control Over Your Calls

 Every business has opening and closing hours. The problem is that if someone calls when you’re closed the phone is only going to ring.

The truth is that most customers will never call back. They’ll opt for a different company out of frustration. It’s never good to leave any of your clients hanging like that.

VoIP can help you to avoid this through time-based routing. In other words, you can route calls when your business is closed automatically. The call will never ring out.

How you do this depends on the way you want to operate. For example, you may decide to have the call sent straight to voicemail with a specific reason. Alternatively, you may even want to have the call rerouted to your own smartphone.

You’ll never have this much control with a traditional phone system.


Utilize Ring Groups to Reduce the Workload

 Customer service is everything. It’s estimated that businesses lose $75 billion every year as a result of poor customer service.

Unfortunately, bad customer service often happens because you’re overworked. If someone calls your number and you already have a line of calls, they’re going to hang up and claim that you don’t care about them.

That’s why the VoIP feature known as ring groups is such a blessing for businesses. It means that when someone calls a number, multiple handsets will ring.  Ring Groups are a way to create groups for an office phone system based on the department, expertise or the location. If someone is deep in conversation with another customer, someone else can take up the slack and ensure that every client gets the attention they deserve.


Get People to Where They Need to Be

 Nobody is denying that traditional phone systems do have some good features. However, you don’t lose any of this by switching to a more affordable, superior option like VoIP.

One such feature you can continue to enjoy with your phone service in multiple office locations is the auto attendant. Rather than using another employee as an operator, the auto attendant will ensure that the customer is redirected to the correct employee or department or person irrespective of the location.

Do remember to refine your voice greeting scripts and ensure that your auto attendant is professional and straight to the point.


Get Full Control Wherever You Are

 The key to VoIP is providing you with full control in multiple locations for a lower cost. You have control over call queueing, call rerouting, and more.

VoIP won’t just provide you with crystal clear quality but will allow you to maintain exceptionally high standards of customer service within your business.

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of VoIP, you need to consider ripping out that traditional phone system today.