Cloud Communication uplifting Contact Centers

Say Goodbye to stress full call management

Challenges for Contact Centers:

For any industry that communicates with their clients over the phone the key to success is customer satisfaction with all calls being answered in timely manner.

Traditionally this could be attained upon adding more and more associates but this was still not enough for optimum call management.

Solution to Call Center Challenges:

Cloud Phone System gives ability to upscale the customer support experience by drastically reducing the call wait time and manage calls in very efficient and timely manner by putting calls in queue and routing them to next available associate. Traditional phone systems have had rigid platforms that provided limited or no ability to add on features to accommodate better call management. And on top of that would often come with added cost, which made it very expensive.

What is Cloud Phone System:

Cloud Phone Systems use VoIP technology which makes the phone systems much more flexible. It brings along features like Ring groups, Call Queue, Call Routing and many more features that allows contact centers to share and distribute the call volume load most efficiently.

Benefits of moving to Cloud Phone System:

  • Lower Telephone Bills:

    One of the biggest benefits of cloud based phone system is remarkable reduction in telephone bills. Besides cheaper phone lines you now do not need to invest in expensive PBX systems. Plus do not require a full time technical employee to manage that system.

  • Flexible:

    Since the Cloud Phone System leverages the VoIP technology it is not hooked to a physical line. Being available over the Internet provides flexibility to make the phone service available anywhere be it home, road, another city or country. Take your work wherever you go with features like call forwarding, soft phones, follow me etc.

  • Scalable:

    With the changing dynamics of industry staffing requirements can increase or decrease significantly. To accommodate the fluctuating staff requirements Cloud Phone System gives you ability to add or remove more telephone lines on the fly without paying hefty costs.

  • Jackpot of Features:

    With the advancement in the Cloud technology telephone industry has literally hit the jackpot of features. All these features have opened doors to efficiently manage and handle the telephone services for any business. For Contact centers call management has become a piece of cake. Online management allows to create and manage call groups, assign call queues, time based routing helps provide 24/7 support and there are so many more features which have only simplified Contact Center management and uplifted efficiency.

  • Centralized Management:

    Centralized management feature allows the Contact Center manager to orchestrate the calls per the volume and balance the load without burning out of staff capacity.

How much does it Cost:

So all along we have been talking about one thousand and one benefits of having a cloud based business phone system, but what is the Cost to own Cloud Phone system? By switching to Cloud Phone System businesses have been able to slash down their telephone expenditure by more that 60%. Besides there is no extra cost for 35+ premium phone features that are set to lead your business to success.

How long does it take to transition?

To make a switch from traditional phone system to Cloud phone system you can be up and running in about a weeks time frame.