Uplift Your Business With Unified Communication

Unified communications is an integration of different real-time communication services such as instant messaging, audio conferencing, desktop sharing, call control, presence with non real time communication services such as voice mail, email, fax or sms.

Unified communication, as the name implies, is not a single feature. It’s an integration of all communication solution features into a single entity creating a faultless business environment suited best to every large to small and medium sized businesses(SMBs). It empowers employees, clients, co-workers to interact with each other across locations and all devices.

There are several benefits of using unified communications:

Increase Business Productivity

Unified communication expands the strength of a business phone system way beyond the ordinary dial tone. Every company is already using common features such as (follow me, call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail etc.). Combining these independent features of UC, increases efficiency of an organization, providing employees to access and utilize communication tools, work on variety of devices regardless of location under one network.

Reduced Costs

Saving money is undeniably a huge UC advantage. The low cost is achieved through unification of various services and equipment’s. Instead of managing individual networks for data, video and voice, UC infrastructure facilitates central management of the various networks. It offers businesses mobility to employee remote workers or telecommuters in any location. Organizations get power to communicate seamlessly with their employees across the globe, while keeping the business phone system cost fairly low.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Freedom and flexibility to work using personal laptop, smart phone, tablet by connecting to organization’s communication system. Employees have ease to use not only company provided IT equipments but also their own devices.

Better Customer Service

UC helps employees conduct their work efficiently and in a timely manner, anywhere, anytime. Advanced telephony functionality such as call forwarding, short number dialing, voicemail to email, sequential and simultaneous rings on multiple preset phone numbers allow businesses to cater to multiple callers at the same time without ever missing a call. This flexibility gives the company  the presence of a larger enterprise.

Tele Presence

Unified Communication empowers business partners to effectively get in touch with one another, survey their accessibility utilizing the inner system of the organization. It works like the status indicator utilized in social network applications. Features unified can demonstrate whether the recipient is accessible on their mobile, work phone, or home telephone. Basically, you perceive the vicinity of your associates and customers on your instant messenger and connect with them effortlessly. However, this information is available only when colleagues and clients wish to share it.

One Access Phone Number

Continuing with the principle of working anytime, anywhere, UC presents you with one entrance point i.e. one number on which people can contact you, connecting all your phone devices (home phone, cell phone, desktop phone) to a solitary number.

Similarly, assigning one toll free or local phone number to the organization, helps divert the customer calls to the particular individual in charge or specific department across locations without the compelling need to remember different phone numbers.

Take your organization to a new height with unified communications on your side. Use this most recent technology innovation to your advantage and expand your business.