10 Reasons Why Dental Office should have Cloud Phone Services

Dental practice is a herculean load of works with its varying fields of services and clientele. Several dental offices have employed some of the best technologies, tools and computers for its services. But many have neglected the ultimate and most needed form of telecommunication tool , internet phone system, that personalizes a patient’s user experience and connects its employees with the patients seamlessly.

A dental office that understands effective business communication is “everything to the business” – will ensure to make the best use of latest cloud phone technology or dental practice management software for patient retention and satisfaction.

The advantages of employing a cloud phone system are many, including:-

1.Information is Secured

Using a cloud phone system, implies being hosted in the cloud, means that data is stored in a secure server and is accessible at all times and nothing is lost in situation of power outage or disruption in services.

2.Maximize Office Space

Rather than having tons of wires and equipment occupying office space, a cloud phone system works with regular internet connection replacing the need for traditional phone lines or installing cumbersome PBX system.

3.Complete Control

Be in a driver’s seat with complete control over your dental phone system with features like call transfer, recording, forwarding, virtual receptionist, setting automated greetings(IVR) for patients and checking voicemail through emails. The virtual office phone system also eliminates telemarketing calls keeping phone lines clear and open for patients’ incoming calls.


Softphone or iPhone and android apps, on personal devices (laptop, tablet or smartphone)can be used to schedule appointments, answer patient calls, review voicemail, send paperless E-fax when away from the clinic.

5.System Maintenance

As a part of the contract, Cloud Phone System is maintained and managed by the service provider. With this advantage, you don’t ever have to hire IT staff.

6. Online Account Management

Flexibility to simply log into the phone portal from any web browser, to manage the account settings. Adding new employees, setting up different custom greetings, forwarding patients calls to a specific phone number for a specific time(time-based routing) or day can be independently done without help from the phone service provider.


Confidentiality of patient information is critical to all health care services. Fax is the one of the most common and important feature used by dental offices. Paperless Internet-Fax is the technological advancement, which allows for quick share of patient health and dental insurance details without comprising doctor-patient agreement. Both traditional and internet fax are supported by the cloud phone system.

8.Cost Savings

In comparison to in-house PBX system or traditional landlines, the cloud phone system skip’s high system maintenance cost, buying of expensive equipment and many more unseen hidden expenses. The goal of cloud dental phone system is to aid you in growing your dental practice providing 100% patient customer service.


A new dental practice requires the basic phone features (auto attendant, call forwarding, call recording , call transfer). But as the practice grows, additional group of features –call routing, call management, additional user extensions and phone lines will be required. The business cloud phone service comes as complete bundle of all –inclusive free basic and premium features. This gives the dental office flexibility to use or add features as needed without ever paying any extra dime.

10.Single Phone System

Adding multiple dental offices doesn’t require investing in more phone systems. The menu of the same local phone number or toll-free number used for one office can be revised to redirect patient calls to a specific clinic or staff based on the location, time or day of the week. All the phone numbers and extensions are managed under one web portal account and invoice.

Cloud Phone System translates the way businesses operates. It’s a great way to reach out to patients and employees, making them better connected with the dental office. All the above mentioned benefits and the immense possibility of growing the medical practice, are all good reasons to embrace the friendly cloud.

 Watch the slidehare to get a better understanding of the cloud phone system.